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Specialist Reports

Gibson Index has been commissioned to produce a wide range of reports on UK smaller companies, individual sectors, serial entrepreneurs, emerging clusters, University enterprise policies and practices, as well as speeches and factsheets.

1) Report for Civitas, Westminster think-tank: ‘Bringing Manufacturing Back’ - Is the tide of offshoring beginning to turn towards reshoring?'

The Full Report:

What is the Future of the UK’s manufacturing sector? Marcus Gibson utilised his 49,000 SME database to undertake a forensic examination of the actual number of companies that have brought production back to the UK from Asia.

  • The UK has limited spare manufacturing capacity and a critical shortage of skilled manufacturing workers. This may cripple future efforts to reshore production
  • Key UK manufacturing sectors that offshored production in the past – printing, consumer electronics, building products and textiles – remain relatively weak in the face of continuing competition from China/Asia and emerging manufacturing nations such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, and increasingly from countries in eastern Europe such as Poland and the Czech Republic.
  • Only a proportion of the reshoring of production from China/Asia by UK companies is coming back to the UK. Some is likely to move to eastern Europe
  • A stream of new offshoring is being undertaken by British companies which are moving production from the UK to China/Asia. However, this is being offset by a growing number of SMEs that chose to keep manufacturing of new products in the UK.

2) Other recent reports of interest include:

  • Key Sectors of the Future: analysis in depth of the food & drink, electronics, instrumentation, building products and other leading sectors of importance.
  • The Top 50 High Potential Small Companies in the UK, 2014.
  • The Top 100 SMEs in each of the Nine Regions in the UK, 2014, 2012, 2010. UK Academic Enterprise: progress and promise, 2013.
  • UK - Survey of leading Serial Entrepreneurs, 2014.


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